4 Summer Wedding Dos and Don’t

From the warm sunshine that characterizes June, July, and August to the gorgeous petunias and marigolds that blossom as soon as the weather gets warmer, there are an endless number of reasons to host a summer wedding. If you’re planning on tying the knot this summer, use these four simple dos and don’ts for a better ceremony! Continue reading »

5 Food Safety Tips for Warm Weather Outdoor Events

Nothing says “summer” quite like an outdoor block party, picnic in the park, or backyard barbeque. While these events may be fun and exciting, they also present opportunities for food safety issues to arise. Keep your guests safer this summer season by using these five quick tips for better outdoor food handling. Continue reading »

5 Tips for a More Successful Company Picnic

A picnic in the warm spring weather can be a perfect way to promote bonding between team members and coworkers. If you’re planning a picnic for your office this spring, use these five fun tips for a memorable and fun afternoon! Continue reading »

4 Graduation Party Planning Do’s and Don’ts

No matter if your student is celebrating the end of their high school career or they’re coming home with a college degree, a graduation is something to celebrate! If you’re planning a party for a son or daughter graduating this spring, use our graduation do’s and don’ts to get started! Continue reading »

Enchanting Winter Wedding Ideas & Trends

Dreaming of a white winter wedding but don’t know how to put it together? Here are some romantic winter wedding ideas by Tent & Events, the top party supply and tent rental company in the Philadelphia area, to convince you to tie the knot in the cold!

Continue reading »

3 Ways To Throw a Successful Winter Outdoor Party

Just because it’s the winter season, that doesn’t mean you can’t host your next party or event outdoors. Planning an outdoor winter party may seem like a stressful task, but when you work with Tents & Events, you’ll be amazed at how simple we make the coordination process. Continue reading »

How to Host a Holiday Party to Remember in 5 Simple Steps

Is your annual holiday party something you dread planning every year, turning you into a Scrooge? Don’t let a boring party dampen your spirit – consider moving beyond the ordinary by holding your event inside a beautiful Tents & Event tent! You can even adopt these tips below so your guests will remember the party for years to come.  Continue reading »

5 Fall Food Safety Tips for Outdoor Parties

The changing leaves, the crisp and cool winds…fall is the perfect season to host an outdoor gathering with friends and family! However, uninvited guests like bacteria, dirt, and insects may also find their way into your party—and they’re not shy about helping themselves to your food! Use these five quick tips to protect your health and your snacks when partying outdoors. Continue reading »

Top 4 Most Popular Events to Host in Tents

Finding a venue for your upcoming event can difficult. A location with enough space and a great atmosphere can often come with a high price tag, and a cheaper setting may mean making compromises on the things that make your event exceptional. At Tents & Events, we offer affordable and practical tent rental in Rydal for individuals or groups hosting events in fall 2018. While you can use tents for almost any event you could think of, there are some functions that are more popular than others. Continue reading »

3 Amazing Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Tent

There are all kinds of practical reasons to go with a tent rental in Abington for your wedding. It will protect you and your guests from rain if the weather turns sour, keep out the sun if it gets too bright, and it’s a simple way of creating a reception area.

Beyond the practicalities, though, the ways in which you can decorate your tent to create your dream wedding are nearly endless. Here at Tents & Events, our experience has taught us a thing or two about how to deck out your wedding tent to the max, resulting in a wow-experience you and your guests will fall in love with. Before you stop by your source for tent rentals in Montgomery County, have a look at some of these spectacular wedding tent ideas. Continue reading »