Infographic: Graduation Party Checklist

Graduation season is upon us, and what better way to honor your grads than with a creative party for all their hard work?

Check out this infographic to make the party planning process a breeze!


How to Host a Flawless Outdoor Wedding Reception (In the Spring!)

We heard the good news – you’re getting married! Congratulations!

We’re sure that getting engaged was fun but now here comes the hard part, planning the wedding reception. Okay, it’s not that hard (especially if you come to us for help here at Tents and Events!), but it can be a ton of work to make sure everything is perfect for you, your new spouse, and, of course, your friends and family.

At Tents and Events, we provide everything from event consultation to tent rental in Warrington, PA, and the surrounding areas. We’re also here to tell you how to host a flawless outdoor wedding reception, especially if yours is in the spring.

  • Allow the master of ceremonies to keep the reception moving – No one likes when an event feels stalled or they don’t know what’s coming next. Choose a master of ceremonies, whether it’s the DJ, bandleader, maid of honor, or best man, to let your guests know when to stand, sit, and go dance. They’ll also announce the toasts and speeches, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your night.
  • Find the right ambiance – Depending on what type of wedding reception you want; you’ll have to find the right ambiance. This involves selecting the most appropriate tent rental in Lansdale, PA, and other local areas, as well as the best food, music, and decor for your event. At Tents and Events, we’ll be happy to help you find what would work best for you and the ambiance for your wedding reception.
  • Let Tents and Events keep everyone happy – That’s our job at Tents and Events. We exist for the sole purpose of keeping you and your guests satisfied throughout the day and night of your wedding. We’ll be the first ones to arrive in the morning (to set up the area), and the last ones to leave at night (to provide the clean up). We’ll also keep everyone happy throughout the event, by providing food, assistance, and more.

To learn more about tips for hosting a flawless outdoor wedding reception, contact our Tents and Events team at 267-984-4110.

Three Classic Games You Can Play at Your Child’s Birthday Party

Kids can be pretty difficult to figure out. It seems like most of the time they’re either bored out of their skulls or excited out of their minds. If you’re a parent, then you probably know how exhausting it is trying to entertain them when they’re bored or keep them calm when they’re overly excited. And for some parents, birthday parties can be the WORST. Of course, you want your child to have the best time during their party, but entertaining all of those kids can (let’s be honest) make you want to pull your hair out. Fortunately, as one of the leading outdoor party rental companies in Bucks County, PA, and other local areas, we came up with five fun games you can play at your child’s birthday party:

1. Tug of War – No matter how young or old, everyone has a good time playing tug of war. All you need is a strong rope and a bunch of kids. Split them into two even teams and tell them when to start. Mark a point for the center, and the team that pulls the other one past the center point first wins.

2. Hide and Seek – This is another classic game with minimal supplies needed. In fact, this game has been around since the beginning of time (or at least it seems that way). Make one child the seeker. They’ll close their eyes and count to 100 while the other kids find hiding places. The first one found will be the next seeker and the last one found is the winner.

3. Capture the Flag – This game is perfect for a large group of kids with some competitive spirit. To play: split the children into two teams and give each team a base and a flag. Then, they must try to steal the other team’s flag and bring it back to their own base without getting caught. If they’re in the other team’s territory and they get tagged, they must go to that team’s jail. One of their team members can free them without getting caught themselves. The first team to capture the flag and bring it back to their own base wins.

Those are three classic games to play at your child’s birthday party if you want them to have a fantastic time. Here at Tents & Events, we also provide tent rental in Holland, PA, and the surrounding areas, to protect you from the elements. To learn more about planning for a birthday party, contact us at 267-984-4110.

7 Tips for Throwing the Best Outdoor New Year’s Eve Party Ever

The new year is approaching, and you know what that means – New Year’s Eve parties as far as the eye can see! Everyone’s excited for a new year and a fresh start, and there’s no better way to celebrate that than to have a blast and count down to midnight with your loved ones. But wait! Do you have the honor of hosting the party this year? Are you wondering how you can throw the best New Year’s Eve party ever without having to spend too much money?

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3 Tips to Save Your Outdoor Event From Bad Weather

One thing is for sure – you can’t control the weather. No matter how technologically advanced we become as humans, we’ll probably never be able to control the weather. Mother Nature is powerful and unpredictable, and although we can predict her patterns much of the time, we will always have to respect her.

So, if you’re holding an event outdoor this fall, you’ll have to be prepared for the worst. Of course, our tents and other supplies are designed to help you through your event even when the weather is damp and rainy. We offer tent rental in Holland, PA, and other local areas, to provide you with protection and shelter throughout the day. So, if it does rain, here are three tips to save your outdoor event from bad weather:

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5 Tips if You’re Hosting Thanksgiving Outside This Year

Thanksgiving outside?! You must believe that we’re crazy. But if you think about it, the first Thanksgiving was held outside, and everyone had a great time. Sure, we know that Thanksgiving is normally held indoors, but where’s the fun in that? You’ve probably had it that way you’re entire life. Why not try something new? At Tents & Events, we provide tent rental in Abington, PA, and other local areas, which comes complete with heating, so you and your guests won’t have to worry about being cold during your holiday celebration. If you’re thinking about having Thanksgiving outside this year, here are five tips to keep in mind:

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Proper Tent Etiquette 101

When you’re throwing your next event this fall, remember to grace your guests with the proper tent etiquette. No event, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, corporate event, or picnic, is complete without making sure the tent is being used correctly and the people underneath it are having a good time.

We’re sure you know how to host a party and keep your friends and family entertained, but do you know how to survive the day using the proper tent etiquette? This is Tent Etiquette 101 – the accelerated class by Tents & Events, a tent rental company in Bucks County, PA, and other local areas, that will teach you how to behave under your tent during your fall event.

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Which Tent is Best for Which Event?

We’re fast approaching the end of summer, but parties are still taking place everywhere. Maybe the graduation parties are over, perhaps the corporate picnics have come and gone, but there is always an occasion to throw a party. The end of summer and the fall season are popular times for weddings, while birthday parties can happen 365 days a year, and celebrations of all kinds are always going on. With so many different events happening, you’ll need to choose from all types of supplies, equipment and most importantly, the right tent.

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4 Tips for People Preparing for a Summer Party

When you’re planning a summer party, it’s important that you strive to keep everyone comfortable and cool throughout the entire day. By facilitating an accommodating environment, everyone will want to stick around and continue having a great time well into the night. Below, are four tips for anyone preparing for a summer celebration:

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3 Party Games to Play at Your Kid’s Outdoor Summer Birthday

Does your child or relative have a summer birthday? A fantastic way to celebrate is to hold an outdoor summer party with friends and family! There’s no better way to show the child some birthday love than to strap on a party hat and go outside with your tent rental in Lansdale, PA, and the surrounding areas, from Tents & Events. Tents & Events offers a full range of rentals and services that can be used for any event, especially birthdays.

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