3 Tips That Will Help You Host a Memorable Summer Celebration

Are you planning a summer party this year? If so, it’s important to keep all your guests cool and comfortable throughout the entirety of the party. By creating an environment that is welcoming and accommodating, it will allow for more people to stay throughout the night. Continue reading for a few tips for anyone who is preparing for a memorable summer celebration: Continue reading »

How to Host An Awesome Graduation Party

Each year, countless grads cross the stage and receive a degree that signifies that they’ve accomplished something. Then, parents will hold an event that celebrates that important milestone in their life. Whether you have a high school or college graduate, you’ll want to plan a graduation celebration party to show that you’re proud of their achievements. In this list below, we will help you to plan the ultimate graduation party. Continue reading »

Why Plan an Outdoor Event on Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day approaching everyone is scrambling for plans and trying to figure out what special place to take their deserving mothers. Here’s an idea, why not get all of the mothers that you know together and celebrate outdoors.

An outdoor celebration is a unique way to say thank you. Set up shop on your property or a nearby commercial property. Tents and Events will be there to assist you in your event planning as we offer a variety tent rentals in Willow Grove as well as canopies, and other outdoor equipment to plan the ultimate Mother’s Day celebration. Continue reading »

3 Reasons to Rent a Dance Floor for Your Spring Party

Are you looking forward to spring flowers and festive occasions? Warmer weather is perfect for hosting a party, and at Tents & Events, we know just how to get you started with the planning. There are hundreds of ways to host an unforgettable event and providing a dance floor for your guests is just one of them.

At Tents & Events, we provide a full line of party equipment for those who want quality products at affordable prices. If you need to rent a stage in Bucks County or if you want to rent a dance floor in Bucks County, we can help you find what you need.

Tents & Events has helped thousands of customers plan exciting, memorable parties. We know that your guests want to have a blast, which is why we’ve got three reasons to consider renting a dance floor for your next big occasion:

1. It makes your party fun.
Regardless of your party theme, a dance floor will keep your guests from becoming bored. While it’s true that video presentations, speeches and light shows are all great additions to a party, there’s still nothing quite like a dance floor to get your party-goers up and moving. You can have a live band play at your event, or even get a DJ to play some classic tunes.

2. It’s perfect for all ages.
The best part about having a dance floor at your spring party is that everyone can enjoy it. You’ll need to plan the music selections in advance, but whether you go with a live band or with a DJ, everyone will have the chance to get up and move their bodies. You can always play a wide selection of music to keep it interesting for everybody, too.

3. It’s not limited to dancing.
If you rent a dance floor for your spring party, you’ll have endless options for how it’s used. Maybe you’ll decide to mix it up a little and have a magic show after lunch. Or maybe you’ll want to have a special guest make a toast or give a short speech. Whatever you decide, be sure to keep the props to a minimum so that you can clear the floor easily when it’s time to get back to the dancing. At Tents & Events, your choices are unlimited when it comes to dance floor rental options.

Learn more about our dance floors by giving us a call at 267-984-4110.

3 Reasons to Choose Tents & Events for Your Spring Birthday Party

It might be cold right now, but spring is only a few months away. Why not get ahead of the game and think about how to plan that special birthday party that you want to throw? Maybe it’s for your child or maybe it’s for your spouse. Regardless, you’ll want it to be spectacular.

Tents & Events is a leading party rental company that is eager to provide the right party equipment for your next big occasion. Whether you need a tent rental in Southampton or other equipment, such as a chair rental in Philadelphia, Tents & Events has a full selection of party rental supplies to choose from.

1. Variety
Tents & Events takes pride in offering a huge selection of party rental equipment. While their main focus is party tents and canopies, they don’t just stop there. Tents & Events also provides folding chairs, padded folding chairs, ballroom chairs, and barstools.

Need linens for your birthday party? Tents & Events also stocks a full selection of tablecloths that are pressed and ready to go for your event. How about dishware? Their team provides coffee makers, waiter trays, and stainless steel bowls if needed.

2. Experience
Tents & Events is a true leader in the party rental industry. Their team has decades of experience providing full-service party rentals for a variety of occasions. Essentially, they know the ins and outs related to all kinds of party planning.

If you want a company that can handle all of the details surrounding an outdoor tent rental for your birthday party, then don’t hesitate to choose Tents & Events. They’ll get the party of your dreams off without a hitch.

3. Professionalism
The individuals who work for Tents & Events understand that planning a big birthday party can be fun but also stressful. They work hard to help people create the party that they envision, regardless of how many guests they need to accommodate.

Their patient staff takes the time to guide you all the way from set-up to clean-up to make sure that your party is a hit. Questions are always addressed with thoughtfulness, and special details are always taken into consideration when requested.

To learn more about throwing a successful birthday party, contact us 267-984-4110!

How to Throw a Successful Outdoor Party

Are you thinking about hosting an outdoor party this winter season?

If so, then you’re probably already thinking about themes and decor. At Tents & Events, we can help you host a winter party that will be remembered for years to come. You can opt for a simple, rustic winter theme, or you can host a more elaborate winter wonderland party. Whatever you choose, there are a few ways to guarantee that your outdoor party is successful.

The first step to hosting a memorable winter party is making sure that you have the right equipment. Are you looking for a tent rental in Levittown? At Tents & Events, we can help you find the perfect outdoor party tent for your guests to snuggle in as the temperatures dip outside.  If you have a specific night in mind, our team can help you work with an idea that will make your tent and the accessories just right for the occasion.

At Tents & Events, we suggest setting on a theme for your winter party as soon as possible. This will help you narrow down choices for decor, tableware, and accessories. If you opt for a simple theme, then you won’t need to do as much large-scale planning, but you will still want to have the right items on hand that suit the occasion. Need a tent rental in Yardley? Speak with the team at Tents & Events and find out how we can assist you with your party!

Another factor to consider when planning your outdoor party is how much money you want to spend. Obviously, the more guests in attendance, the more you’ll need to spend, but there are a host of ways to save on both the food and the decorations. Consider baking for the event yourself, or ask a friend to help out. You can often find great deals online for tableware and for lighting, as well. Make sure to speak to one of the talented team members form Tents & Events, too. We are always ready to help you make your outdoor party a major success. At Tents & Events, our focus is on our customers. We’ll make sure that your outdoor party is one that your guests will remember fondly when they look back on the occasion!

How to Ring in the New Year with a Tent Rental

Out with the old and in with the new. Believe it or not, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a party in your own backyard? The best way to throw a successful New Year’s party is by planning ahead and by thinking creatively. At Tents & Events, we can help you plan an amazing New Year’s Eve party that your guests will remember for years to come. We’ve been helping people find the right party rental equipment for years now, and we always make customer care a priority.

Choosing to have a party to ring in the New Year is a great way to make new memories that will have a positive impact on the course of the year ahead. At Tents & Events, we take pride in offering a huge selection of tent rentals for a wide range of customer needs. If you need a tent rental in Jamison for your New Year’s bash, then get in touch with Tents & Events. We’ve been helping people coordinate party ideas for years now, and we love to make their dream events a reality.  

The options are endless when it comes to planning a New Year’s party with equipment from Tents & Events. You can host your special event right in your own backyard and use gorgeous white lights and lanterns to create a festive ambiance inside your tent. Looking for a tent rental in Doylestown? We’ve got you covered. A tent rental allows you the freedom to build your party from the floor to the ceiling. The only limit is your imagination. A tent rental from Tents & Events can be customized to meet all of your party planning needs.  

Tents & Events is always ready to help party hosts create the event that they’ve envisioned.  Whether you need tent rentals, chairs, tables, or other equipment, the individuals at Tents & Events are sure to help you find whatever you need. At Tents & Events, the focus is on customer care and on quality rental equipment. Ring in the New Year with your friends and family by hosting a party that speaks to your personality and be sure to include Tents & Events in your plans.


Having An Outdoor Wedding This Winter? Choose Tents & Events

Marriages that take place outside have become increasingly popular for many couples in 2017. Winter weddings are truly magical with some going for a warm and cozy vibe and others that embrace every little snowflake that falls. This winter, when it comes to planning your special outdoor wedding, choose Tents & Events for all of your essential planning needs. The professionals at Tents & Events bring their enthusiasm and creative spirit to each event that they plan, so your wedding is sure to be a beautiful event with their services.

Your cozy winter wedding is just a phone call away when you choose Tents & Events for your planning needs. Each of the wedding specialists at Tents & Events is prepared to help with tables, chairs, tents, heaters, and partyware. If you’re looking for a simple way to turn your dream wedding into a reality, count on Tents & Events. Need a tent rental in Abington for your elegant winter wedding? Give Tents & Events a call to find out what they can do to be of service. When you plan with our team at Tents & Events, there’s no need worry or stress. Our expert staff knows exactly what to do to make sure your wedding is a hit!

Cold weather doesn’t have to keep you from having a romantic and memorable winter wedding. Regardless of the weather, there are many ways to keep your guests comfortable and engaged at your winter wedding nuptials. A tent rental from Tents & Events will provide guests with a cozy ambiance that’s needed for an amazing winter wedding. Still looking for a tent rental in Montgomery County that fits all of your party’s specifications? Call us today to find out how we can make your winter wedding one that no one will ever forget.

With a tent rental from Tents & Events, you can keep your guests comfortable even if the temperatures are frigid. The security of a covered tent will ensure that both you and your wedding attendants stay dry even if it’s snowing! For added warmth, you might want to think about tabletop warmers and heat lamps, as well. The professionals at Tents & Events can help you prepare for whatever you need for your perfect winter wedding.

Having an Outdoor Halloween Party? Consider Tents & Events for the Perfect Tent!

Having an outdoor Halloween party? Why not make it a spooktacular event this season and consider Tents & Events for the occasion? There are tons of great ideas for throwing a successful Halloween party this year, and with some help from Tents & Events, your Halloween party can be the talk of the town. Whether you’re planning a small kid’s party out front, or a huge event with everybody from work in your backyard, Tents & Events can help you kick it off in Halloween style.

Continue reading »

3 Tips to Help You Enhance the Look of Your Tent for a Holiday Event

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a baby shower or a music festival, outdoor events are the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories in a unique atmosphere. One way to guarantee that you’ll have a successful event is by renting a tent from Tents & Events. A party tent does more than just provide shelter and privacy. It creates the entire look for your party. At Tents & Events, we’ve got three tips to help you enhance the look of your tent for a holiday event.

1. Make Your Tent Unique

Holiday parties offer themselves to many creative opportunities. What is your seasonal theme? Are you following a particular color scheme? Think about using colored lights and unique decorative touches to make the tent your own. Imagine the tent as a blank slate for your creative powers and then go to town decorating it!

2. Create a Warm Atmosphere

For a holiday party, and especially for one in the winter, you can enhance the look of your tent with a few simple heat lamps. Not only will they keep your guests warm, but they will add a comfortable ambiance and touch of class to the entire party. Your tent is already a shelter from the elements, but with some thoughtfully placed heaters, it will bump it up a notch in both practical and aesthetic ways. If you are looking for a few ideas about where to place the heaters, or if you still need to find the best company for tent rental services located near Levittown, call Tents & Events today, and we would be happy to help!

3. Use Your Tent as a Focal Point

There are a lot of options when it comes to using a tent for a holiday party. Some people opt to place their tent right in the middle of the yard, while others like to use their tent as a focal point for just one area. For a holiday party, you can draw attention to one area, such as the dessert and drinks table, and also use a smaller tent for another use, like gifts or appetizer.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to tent rental. If you are in search of a tent rental company headquartered near Holland for your holiday party needs, then give Tents & Events a call today. We are a detailed, creative, and reliable tent rental company so you can count on us for whatever you need to make your holiday party a hit.