1.What size tent do I need?


2.How do you anchor tents?


3.Do stakes damage my asphalt parking lot?


4.When do you install and remove a tent for my party?


5.Can you put a tent on my back deck joined to the house?


6.Do you allow customers to BBQ under your tents?


7.Do you ever let the customer set up tents on their own?


8.What about security of tents from vandalism or other damage?


9.When do you do site inspections?


10.What about truck access to the site?


11.Can you have specifically timed delivery for my tent installation so that I can meet the crew there?


12.Can you set up a tent in the winter?


13.What about heating tents in the winter?


15.Can you plan my wedding, price quote it and send it to me via email?


16.A few other important things to consider when planning to rent a tent for your event


17.Do you need a deposit?


18.How do you accept payment?


19.Can you bill me?


20.What is the difference between tents and canopies?


21.Can tents or canopies be installed without staking?


What size tent do I need?


First, determine how many people you want to accommodate at any one time for your event. Then refer to our Space Configuration Guide for easy guidelines. Don’t forget to add some extra space for such things as a buffet table, bar area, stage, dance floor or whatever your situation may call for. After you’ve added all those numbers up you’ll have the total size you need. Then see which tent has close to (or slightly larger) the same square footage and that’s the one you want.


How do you anchor tents?


We use steel stakes that are 20” to 46” long driven into the ground – that’s also the reason why we require utility locates. The actual number of stakes and the size of them will vary depending on the size and style of tent, how much wind load they may be subjected to and the length of time they will be set up. There are other things that we can do depending on the situation but the end result has to be within the manufacturer’s anchorage guidelines and above all, safety and security if a storm does arise.


Do stakes damage my asphalt parking lot?


The stakes will make a hole about the size of a quarter which can be repaired if needed with special asphalt plugs. There are some locations that we have been installing the same size tents for over ten years and we reuse the same holes over and over again with no problem. After the holes are patched, you’ll be hard pressed to even find them after a while, even if you know exactly where to look.


When do you install and remove a tent for my party?



If your partly is on a Saturday for example, we usually install the tent on Thursday or Friday depending on when your function starts. We sometimes set up earlier depending on the situation and how many projects might be scheduled for that week and where they are located. Pickup is most often schedule for Monday but we will ask you for the event start and end time to determine exactly when the best time for pickup would be. Another example would be for a Friday night dinner party that starts at 6pm. In that case we might deliver everything on Friday morning and pickup on Saturday. For most events, there is no cut and dried time for installation and takedown because of many different factors. We always strive to be flexible and accommodate the needs of our customers balanced with what is possible for our tent crews to do in a day.


For commercial projects we usually try to install everything one day or several days prior to your event and then take it down the day after. The actual timing can vary widely and will depend on what other services you have to coordinate inside such as stages, flooring, electrical, decorating, table settings, audio visual etc. All these activities take time so please plan accordingly. After hours and weekend installations may be accommodated for a fee to be determined by the specifics of your event (such as timing and manpower requirements to fulfill your request).


Can you put a tent on my back deck joined to the house?



Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t, it really depends on what you’re planning to do and the size of your deck to start with. The only way to determine what is possible, is to do an inspection and advise from there. Quite often a small deck or hand railings won’t fit one of our standard size frame tents and leave at least four or 5 feet to work around the perimeter. The height of the building eve or outside light fixtures can sometimes interfere as well. You should measure your deck first before calling because we will ask you those questions and then you can get a ballpark estimate to determine if it’s in your price range before coming out.


Do you allow customers to BBQ under your tents?


No, barbequing can possibly damage our tents. Also, the International Fire Code states, “no open or exposed flame devices emitting flame, fire or heat shall be permitted inside or located within 20ft of the tent”.


Do you ever let the customer set up tents on their own?


No, Tents & Events staff installs all of the tents we rent. We do however carry light weight canopies for do-it-yourself installations on lawns.


What about security of tents from vandalism or other damage?


Fortunately we have had very few incidents over the years but here are some points to keep in mind while a tent is installed on your property:


• You are responsible for any damages caused by vandalism or unruly guests to any of the rental equipment. This is a very rare occurrence because most events are either in a secured locale or have overnight security service. A little common sense is all that is needed usually to avoid any potential problems.


• After considering the location of the tent, the type of function and the time it will be on site, we can suggest what will work best.

When do you do site inspections?


The simple answer is, when time permits or if we have been advised of a special situation or work area conflict that we need to know about. Usually, it’s pretty simple. If you measure you own property and keep in mind the guidelines above of a 5 foot work perimeter around the tent it’s usually fine. Remember to look up for tree branches and wires and mention any underground septic field or irrigation systems that we should know about since the utility companies will not mark those two things because they are your responsibility. We recommend that you call PA One Call at (800) 242-1776 to come out to check for any underground utilities. This is a free service which insures that no utility lines are damaged while installing the tent.


What about truck access to the site?


Please remember that most tent installations require us to be able to drive right up to where we need to work because of the size and weight of the tents that we may be setting up for you. For large scale commercial projects this usually isn’t a problem but does bear mentioning in case there are restrictions for access that we don’t know about. If we do need to transport materials more than a minimal distance from the truck, and we are not notified ahead of time before our crew arrives, it could affect our ability to have the tent up on time. It could also affect our schedule which is sometimes tight and thus affect another customer’s service down the road. It may also require an additional fee. Again, we try to be flexible but we have had instances where our truck and work site were 250 yards away with 100s of pounds of tent fabric and materials that needed to be hand carried.


Can you have specifically timed delivery for my tent installation so that I can meet the crew there?


We always try to accommodate your request within reason. For us to coordinate the installation of dozens of tents in many different locations, we ask that you work with us and be as flexible as you can. Sometimes if we can not be there at the same time as the customer, we ask them to stake out the four corners and leave us a note as to where the utilities are located underground. In order to complete each day’s activities, we schedule tent crews into zones that will go from one job to the other throughout the day. Each location will take a certain amount of time so we can estimate to some degree the timing of deliveries and pickups but it’s never exact due to traffic or weather conditions. We do have cell phones for all of our tent foremen so at the very least we can keep you apprised of the situation or give you a ‘heads-up’ call that they are on the way. If you require a specifically timed delivery or pickup, please call the office in advance and we’ll see what we can do.


Can you set up a tent in the winter?


Yes we can. Please call us to discuss because there are problems that arise in winter that sometimes make putting up the tent impossible. Extreme weather and frozen ground are two areas of concern.


What about heating tents in the winter?


Yes, we can heat tents as well without any problem but there are a few extra things we have to do regarding winter rentals. The best thing to do is call our office and speak to us about some specific details so that we can advise you.


Can you plan my wedding, price quote it and send it to me via email?


No, there are professional wedding planners that do that for a living but we can help you with basic information if you review our Space Configuration Guide for ideas first and go from there…


The most common things to keep in mind are:


• Is the tent being used for dinner or ceremony, or both.

• How many guests are you expecting at the most?

• Are you having a head table platform?

• If so, how many people for the head table?

• Are you planning on having a dance area and or DJ or band, how much room do you need for that?

• Are you having the people serve themselves via a buffet line or is it being served by a caterer?

• Allow room for all these things and add them up so you have a total square footage that you need, then refer to the square feet capacity for tents and that is your starting point.


A few other important things to consider when planning to rent a tent for your event


Allow a minimum of 5 feet around the perimeter of the tent for setup. That means if you order a 20’x20’ size tent, the area you want to have for proper installation should be about 25’x25’ in size. We can of course work with smaller areas than that but please advise us so that we can be prepared when the crew arrives. Don’t forget to look up to see if there are any tree branches hanging down or perhaps a fixture on your house that may interfere with the top of the tent.


Underground and overhead utilities are always important to watch out for when erecting a tent. On some occasions over the years we’ve arrived on site to discover some very large power lines right overhead of where our customer wants their tents installed and had to move to a safe location or we couldn’t put it up at all.


It is the customer’s responsibility to check with PA One Call for location of underground utilities. This department requires 3 days notice prior to install. Once you’ve booked you tent with us, it’s usually a good idea to make those calls for utility locates right away so that it is done as far ahead as possible and best of all, this service is provided totally free by the utility companies for everyone’s benefit and protection.


Proper ground conditions for stake anchoring is required for all tent installations. When you inquire or reserve a tent we will ask you what the setup surface is; be it grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete pad, interlocking patio bricks or a wood deck – we have seen it all and there are special methods and devices that we use for various situations. Not every situation can be accommodated depending on the potential exposure to wind should there be a storm, so please understand that our policy is designed for the safety of everyone concerned.


Do you need a deposit?


Yes, we require a 25% deposit on all orders.


How do you accept payment?


We require a credit card to secure your order (we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover); however, you may pay by cash, check or credit card. Final payment is due upon delivery. If payment is not made upon delivery, the balance will be applied to your credit card.


Can you bill me?


Business accounts may be established upon credit approval. Contact our office and we will forward a credit application for you to complete. Once we receive your completed credit application, please allow up to 30 days for credit approval.


What is the difference between tents and canopies?


Canopies are light weight tension structures for Do-It-Yourself installation on lawns. Canopies are ideal for shade or light rain, but are not suited for windy or extreme weather conditions. Canopies must be staked into the ground, and are held up by a center pole(s) and ropes which must be extended 6’ out and staked around the perimeter of the Canopy. Canopies are open air structures, and do not have sidewalls.

Tents & Events carries and installs two different types of tents:


Frame Tents & Century Pole Tents.


Frame Tents are free standing structures which may be installed on a variety of surfaces, and in close proximity to buildings or other structures. Frame Tents have no center poles, so you have the maximum amount of space available under the tent. Frame Tents may be outfitted with optional lighting and sidewalls. Although Frame Tents are essentially free standing, they must either be staked, or weighted to ensure safety and security.


Century Pole Tents are dramatic, high peaked tents which allow for the largest capacity. Century Pole tents are beautiful, yet heavy duty tension structures, which have a center pole(s), and require staking. Pole Tents may be outfitted with optional lighting and sidewalls. Please allow 10’ around the perimeter of the Pole Tent for proper installation.


Can tents or canopies be installed without staking?


Yes and no. In most situations where staking is not an option, we can install Frame Tents with weights instead of stakes. When you call, please let us know that the tent must be weighted so that we can come out for a site survey to determine feasibility, and ensure proper installation. Canopies and Pole Tents are tension structures which require staking and can not be weighted.