What is a Heat Wave?

young woman drinking from a plastic water bottle outside

Does it feel like temperatures outside are getting hotter and hotter? It’s not just you — a heat wave has swept the United States, with cities all along the east coast earning records for the hottest temperatures of the decade. 

But what exactly is a heat wave, what causes it, and how can you protect yourself?

A heat wave is a period of unusually high temperatures that lasts for at least two days. Heat waves are usually caused by a segment of air that gets trapped in a certain area. When air isn’t allowed to move and flow, the rays of the sun naturally heat the air, causing it to become hotter and hotter. That heat is then transferred to the ground, resulting in high temperatures.

Heat waves might not be as dramatic as hurricanes, thunderstorms, or tornados, but they can quickly become dangerous. If you’re outside during a heat wave, you have an increased chance of getting sunburned, becoming dehydrated, and even experiencing heat stroke. This can be problematic if you’re planning an outdoor event when a heat wave is in the forecast.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect yourself from extreme temperatures. Check the weather before you go outside and remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you’re planning a party or event that will be held outdoors, order a tent rental in Holland from a company that provides installation and tear-down services. A tent provides a much-needed source of shade for you and your guests. If you notice any signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, seek medical attention immediately.

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