Top 4 Most Popular Events to Host in Tents

Finding a venue for your upcoming event can difficult. A location with enough space and a great atmosphere can often come with a high price tag, and a cheaper setting may mean making compromises on the things that make your event exceptional. At Tents & Events, we offer affordable and practical tent rental in Rydal for individuals or groups hosting events in fall 2018. While you can use tents for almost any event you could think of, there are some functions that are more popular than others.

So what are the most popular events to host in tents? We’ve compiled a list of the top four most common events to be hosted in tents.

1. Weddings

Weddings have always been one of those events that become magical under a canopy. The enclosed space and the slick, clean atmosphere radiates a feeling of sanctity and contentedness that can’t be replicated in another location. Even more importantly, however, using our tent rentals in Southampton and the surrounding areas for your wedding is much more affordable than booking a more traditional wedding venue. Not only are you creating a unique environment and experience, but you’re also saving money.

2. Birthday Parties

Many people like to host their birthday parties in tents, and who are we to blame them? With full-service options for food, staging, and dance floors, renting a tent for your next birthday is perfect no matter if it’s a Sweet 16 or an 80-year celebration.

3. Dances

Hosting a dance often means booking a venue months in advance and paying a massive upfront cost. With Tents & Events, you can save money and reserve with less time than most other locations. We have the flooring and staging that will keep the energy high and help the dance last long into the night.

4. Corporate Events

Corporate events can become the same old, same old pretty quickly. Another hotel conference room, another convention center — people know what to expect, and they predict what their next event will be like because of it. If you want your next corporate event to stand out, consider booking a location with Tents & Events.

Almost any event can be taken to the next level when it’s hosted by Tents & Events. With a unique atmosphere and top-tier service and reliability, it’s no wonder so many people choose us to host their events. Want to learn more about our services or get a quote? Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!