5 Tips for a More Successful Company Picnic

A picnic in the warm spring weather can be a perfect way to promote bonding between team members and coworkers. If you’re planning a picnic for your office this spring, use these five fun tips for a memorable and fun afternoon!

  • Encourage your guests to bring a covered dish

     A great way to save money on your event and also make it more personal is by turning your picnic into a potluck! Ask each of your guests to bring along a special side dish, dessert, or drink while office managers cover the main courses. You should also schedule a tent rental in Rydal to make sure that bugs, dirt, and bacteria can’t get into your food.

  • Think about your office’s dietary needs

     If you are planning to cater your event, make sure that your menu includes something for everyone in your office. It’s a good idea to ask about special dietary restrictions before you choose a caterer so you can make sure there are options for those who eat a special diet.

  • Hashtag your event 

    If you’re hosting a very large event, use the power of social media to introduce coworkers from different departments to one another! Create an event hashtag and encourage employees to hashtag their photos from the event on sites like Twitter and Instagram.

  • Keep alcohol use professional 

    Company picnics are fun — but remember that they’re still work events. If you’re going to serve alcohol, consider employing a professional bartender to avoid over-serving guests and help your employees organize post-picnic carpools for safe travels.  

  • Offer something for the kids 

    If you’re holding your event over the weekend or you’ll be inviting your employees’ children, make sure you plan a few activities that will keep kids engaged. A bouncy house, a lawn mini golf set, or a cornhole set are all fun options that kids will love!

No matter the weather, a tent rental in Holland from Tents & Events will enhance your company picnic, outdoor wedding, or any other special occasion you’re planning. Give our team a call today at 267-984-4110 to request a quote for your next outing!