5 Fall Food Safety Tips for Outdoor Parties

The changing leaves, the crisp and cool winds…fall is the perfect season to host an outdoor gathering with friends and family! However, uninvited guests like bacteria, dirt, and insects may also find their way into your party—and they’re not shy about helping themselves to your food! Use these five quick tips to protect your health and your snacks when partying outdoors.

  1. Avoid cross-contamination. If you’ll be cooking on-site at your event, make sure you separate utensils, plates, and containers that have held raw meat and seafood. Do not reuse these items unless they have been thoroughly cleaned with hot water and soap.
  2. Use outdoor-friendly foods, if possible. Foods that do not incorporate marinades or sauces like sandwiches and quesadillas are better for outdoor enjoyment because there is less of a possibility of pests or debris becoming caught in them. Try incorporating drier foods onto your menu, if possible.
  3. Keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Cold perishable food should be kept on ice, even after serving, at or below 40 degrees. Hot food should be kept at a temperature of 140 degrees or above until it is served to kill bacteria. Both hot and cold foods should be put away after two hours of being put out.
  4. Add a cover. If you’re serving food buffet style, be sure to instruct guests to cover your serving trays after they’ve helped themselves—this will help keep bugs and dirt from accidentally flavoring your food.
  5. Consider renting a tent. A tent rental in Holland is an affordable way to keep your food cleaner and can protect your guests in the event of rain.

Tent rentals can help make an outdoor event more fun and easier to host. Anyone interested in learning more about how a tent rental in Lansdale can enhance their outdoor event is welcome to give Tents and Events a call today at 267-984-4110.