4 Traditional Indoor And Outdoor Decorating Ideas For July 4th 2012

If you are trying to host a 4th of July party this year, having some awesome indoor and outdoor decorations are a must in order to set the stage and atmosphere for your party!  Essentially, the more bright, colorful, and fun your decorations are, the more exciting your party will be…and that should be exactly what you want!

Although your decorations should have a lot of vigor, you may also want to consider some indoor and outdoor tables to showcase certain kinds of decorations.  So, after you are done reading this, head on over to our “Planning Your Event” page listed on our website for the best table rental Philadelphia, PA’s residents have ever had when it came time to showcase those dazzling decorations!

Being that there are tons of different ways to get creative with your Fourth of July decorations, some of the standard decorations are actually the best to use.  Some of these are:

Traditional July Fourth Bunting

You can use bunting (woven fabrics that are either flags or other colorful festive decorations) that are either cloth or plastic in the traditional colors—of you guessed it, red, white, and blue!


There is no doubt that red, white, and blue balloons ought to be included in your list of decorations!  These are also great to place on tables tied to a weight, or you can even tie them to chairs.


Flags, flags, flags…these are what this holiday is all about!  Always make sure to put a flag outside, but when it comes to the inside of your home, having mini flags on tables will also work!


Giant and creative Independence Day messages are always good to see when having guests over for this holiday.  What better way to spread the cheer than writing out your pride for the U.S.A!

Of course there will always be traditional store-bought or homemade decorations you’ll want to use as part of any Fourth of July party!  But, if you crave a spectacular Fourth of July party this year but need some assistance, consider Tents & Events!  We are the leading company for any tent rental Philadelphia needs, as well as its surrounding counties demands!  Call us today to learn more about what we have to offer!