4 Tips For a Better Charity Auction

Charity auctions are a great way to raise funding for a nonprofit or other cause. During a charity auction, guests bid on items and pay for them at the conclusion of the event. The money that was raised then goes to support the cause.


Today, we’ll give you four easy tips you can use to earn more money at your next charity auction. Consider incorporating one or more of these tips to maximize your charitable donations this fall.

  • Show guests your items beforehand. Showing your guests the items they can bid on beforehand increases hype and encourages guests to bring plenty of money to the event. Create a website for your auction and encourage guests to check out the items a few weeks before your event.
  • Test your equipment beforehand. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a setting that allows all of your guests to view your items and participate in the bidding. If you’re holding your event outdoors, make sure you rent a stage in Bucks County for your auction. This makes it easier for all of your guests to see what’s up for grabs and the current bid. You should also be sure to test your microphone a few days before the event to ensure that everyone can hear the person on stage.
  • Save the most popular items for last. You should slate your larger, more popular items for the end of your auction. This helps keep guests’ attention focused during bidding for less popular items.
  • Hire a professional bartender. If you’re serving alcohol at your event, remember to hire a professional bartender. Professional bartenders can help guests indulge responsibly and cut guests off if they have too much to drink.

Tent, stage, and dance floor rentals in Bucks County from Tents & Events can help you improve any outdoor charity auction or other event. Give our team a call today to learn more and get started!