3 Hypothermia Risk Factors Every Event Planner Needs to Know

Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce it. If you’re planning an outdoor event this winter on a particularly cold day, it’s possible that one of your guests might suffer from hypothermia. Thankfully, there are ways that you can decrease the chances of hypothermia striking, including knowing the symptoms and asking the company providing your event rentals in Bucks County to set up a tent for shelter.

Knowing and understanding who is at an increased risk of developing hypothermia can help you spot the symptoms early. Risk factors for hypothermia include:

  • Exhaustion. As your body becomes more tired and worn-out, you lose your ability to regulate internal temperature. If you’re planning an outdoor sporting event or race, make sure you’re well-equipped to provide first-aid for any competitors who develop a case of hypothermia.
  • Alcohol usage. Many people mistakenly believe that drinking alcohol is a positive factor in avoiding hypothermia because it makes you feel warm. However, the truth is that alcohol can actually speed up heat lost. When you drink alcohol, your blood vessels expand and rise to the surface of your skin. This causes heat to exit your body faster, which speeds up the development of hypothermia. Additionally, the natural shivering response to cold weather is diminished in men and women who have been drinking alcohol, which can lead to the onset of hypothermia.
  • If you’re serving alcohol at your event, make sure to also offer plenty of warm non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, instruct your bartenders to stay alert and on the lookout for guests who have overindulged. If someone passes out in cold weather, he or she is very likely to develop hypothermia.
  • Very young age. Children’s bodies are less adept at controlling internal temperature than adults. This can lead to an increased risk of developing hypothermia.

Companies providing party event and tent rentals in Philadelphia, like Tents & Events, can help you ensure that your event has shelter if inclement weather strikes. To learn more about our team or book your tent rental, contact us today!